KOFI bibliography

List of my 5 website I consider good

  1. Classic Dry Cleaners

  2. Classic dry cleaning /

    Why It's Brilliant

    • It is a perfect example for a user-friendly website with simple design.
    • It is easy to navigate.
  3. British Heart Foundation

  4. british heart foundation

    Why It's Brilliant

    • Text are easily to read.
    • Every component of the website work quickly and correctly.
  5. Reflexions Health & Leisure

  6. Reflexions Health & Leisure

    Why It's Brilliant

    • Meaningful graphics.
    • High quality product images.
  7. Buckinghamshire County Council

  8. buckinghamshire county Council

    Why It's Brilliant

    • It's a super simple design with a strong, no-jargon headline and sub-headline.
    • Clearly label topics
  9. Bluebird Care

  10. bluebird care

    Why It's Brilliant

    • Use of consistent layout.
    • Texts are broken into small paragraphs.